The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education (or B.A.B.E. for short) is the educational arm of BeauTease Burlesque. We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops in many different burlesque skills and burlesque-related arts. Our classes offer something for everyone, whether you're an experienced dancer looking to add something new to your repertoire or if you've never danced before. 

Expose yourself to a whole new way of thinking about your body and your sexuality.

I want to thank you again for such a wonderful experience. It was by far the highlight of [the year] for me!”

— Estefania E., Lima, Peru

Learn from The Headmistress – even when you aren't in class! 

  • Her blog, Oh The Glamourous LIfe has tantalizing looks at burlesque backstage as well as useful tips every week.  
  • Miss Mina  Murray's Little Book of Burlesque Costuming, Vol. 1: The Foundations can be purchased at B.A.B.E. or on-line
  • Bite-Sized Burlesque Lessons on YouTube are quick lessons in burlesque essentials.
  • To support her writings and receive special extras, become a Patron at Patreon.

Upcoming Classes

Introduction to Burlesque #2

 —  —

Tony Williams Dance Center, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

This four-week course teaches all the basics of burlesque: dance moves, striptease fundamentals, and so much more fun stuff. This week's move is The Grind, those oh-so teasing and pleasing types of hip circles that are essential to classic burlesque. Combine it with Week One's lesson, you get the classic "bump 'n' grind".  The striptease lessons are removing Skirts and Shirts.

$35 drop-in, $30 pre-registered. Please note: pre-registration ends 24 hours prior to class. The drop-in price is payable at the door.

Fantastic Fan Dance 101

 —  —

Tony Williams Dance Center, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Ever since Sally Rand first brought ostrich feather fans on stage, the fan dance has an indelible part of burlesque. The flirty feathers can be used to tease, flirt, conceal.... and reveal.

Join Miss Mina Murray, New England's Queen of the Fans, for an introduction to the secrets of fan dancing. You will learn classic fan dance moves, poses, and transitions. We will look at types of fans, holds, care, and fan dance history.

$120 for 4 classes


Burly-Q Party (private event)

 —  —

Our parties are typically 90-minutes long, but can be customized to your perfect length. Our experienced instructors can also adjust the “heat” of the lesson from tame to tempestuous to suit your needs. Your guests will learn all of the burlesque essentials: classic moves, clothing removes, boas, tassel twirling — everything you need to know in order to put on a special private performance. From gloves to grinds, the secrets of the classic stripteaser are revealed to you. Learn to remove clothing in your own personal styles… in a way that’s sure to leave your audience begging for more! https://studyburlesque.com/burly-q-parties


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