Every month, The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education turns novices into experts in just four short weeks!  This four-week course teaches all the basics of burlesque: dance moves, striptease fundamentals, and so much more fun stuff. Students are taught bumps and grinds, shimmies, boa moves, tassel twirling – everything you need to put on your own burlesque performance, on stage or in private.

Over the four weeks we'll discuss burlesque-related topics like music selection, the art of costuming, and performing for an audience. Burlesque is a terrific form of expression for any woman. It builds confidence, comfort with your own body and it's great exercise too! 

No experience necessary. Our schedule changes from month to month, to accommodate a wide variety of schedules.  The classes are specially designed to stand alone if you can't make the commitment to the entire course.  Take just one class or all four! Sign up for the entire class series in advance and save!

Student should wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily and dance shoes or low heels for classes. Other garments needed for classes are described below.

  • Session #1 Start things off right with some Burlesque Basics. You'll learn that classic burlesque move, The Bump, plus how to turn your everyday steps in struts and slinky walks. For the striptease lesson, you'll be learning how to remove Long Gloves.
  • Session #2 This week's move is The Grind, those oh-so teasing and pleasing types of hip circles that are essential to classic burlesque. Combine it with Week One's lesson, you get the classic "bump 'n' grind".   The striptease lessons are removing Skirts and Shirts.
  • Session #3 This week's move is The Shimmy, how to quiver and shake to the delight of your audience. We'll continue to build up our movement vocabulary that now includes both bumps and grinds.  Week Three's striptease lesson is all about Stockings.  Please have a pair of thigh-high stockings or tall socks. We'll practice the provocative stocking remove and some Floorwork to highlight your lovely gams.
  • Session #4  This week's move is Tassel Twirling -- the ultimate burlesque trick! The striptease lesson is Removing a Bra and The Big Reveal. For extra fun, we'll be playing with Feather Boas, that quintessential burlesque accessory.

Price per class: $30 drop-in, $25 in advance, $99 in advance for all 4 classes.
A Groupon can only be used for the entire class series. To redeem your coupon, fill out our registration form.
If you have an expired Groupon, please contact babe@studyburlesque.com to redeem.


November Series
Tuesdays, November 2, 9, 16, 23, 6:30-8:00pm
Instructor: Miss Mina

All students who registered for in-person classes in March, April, May, and June 2020 may re-take the classes for free. Please email us to register.

Please Note: If you cannot attend the course or a session of the course for which you have registered, you may not transfer or cancel your registration.